Accounting System

  • Computer software installation.

  • Design and set-up chart of accounts.

  • Customize reports and forms.

  • Enter beginning balances.

                        Training - We can train you and your staff on the

                         proper and most efficient ways to enter transactions,

                         reconcile accounts and generate the reports you need

                         to keep your business running smoothly.



Most small business owners would rather not deal with the headaches that payroll processing can cause.  The combination of  all of the federal and state rules can make the payroll function very time consuming and stressful.  We are your solution!  Our comprehensive payroll services include the following:   


First and foremost, we want to emphasize that our services are all customized specifically to fit the needs of our clients.  No two clients are alike so we make sure that we are flexible in the services we offer and how we deliver them.    


We can help you navigate through the diverse and multifaceted tax laws to achieve an accurate income tax return while taking advantage of the deductions and credits that you are entitled to .

  • Federal and state income tax preparation.

  • Income tax planning.
  • Tax analysis of proposed business transactions.
  • Representation at tax examinations.
  • Review of previously filed returns prepared by other tax preparers.

Tax services are available to both individual and business clients

Customized Services


  • Preparation of payroll checks or direct deposit.

              Customized for your payroll schedule.

              Unlimited number of payroll deductions.

  • Payment of payroll taxes when due.
  • Preparation and filing of quarterly and annual    payroll reports.
  • Paid time off (vacation and sick) tracking.
  • Maintenance of payroll records.
  • Human resource consulting.
  • Preparation of comprehensive reports.


Accounting System Set-up and Training

What is included in our consulting services?  Well this category is very broad and it would be virtually impossible to list all of the services we are capable of assisting you with.  Our staff has extensive business experience and are willing to help you find a solution to any question you may have.    

Whether you are starting a new business and need an accounting system set up or you are in need of a change to your existing system, we can help you get your "books"  set up correctly to provide you with accurate financial information.  We specialize in the use of the QuickBooks Accounting software, however we will adapt to any software you choose to use. 


Our goal when we provide accounting services is to not only perform the various "tasks" that are necessary but to bring value to our clients.  We aim at providing each client with insightful financial tools that can help them run their business. 

  • Financial statement preparation.
  • Cash flow analysis.
  • Trend analysis.
  • Forecasts and projections.
  • Bookkeeping services including:

               Bank reconcilliations.               

               Recording income/accounts receivable.  

               Bill pay/accounts payable processing. 

               Recording payroll transactions.

               Maintaining the company's general ledger - "the books".