Tax Filing & Payment Deadline Delayed by 90 Days
March 20 2020

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has extended the tax deadline for filing and paying your Federal income taxes due on April 15th until July 15th.  Individuals who owe up to $1 million and corporations that owe up to $10 million are eligible to defer payment of taxes until July 15th without accruing interest or penalties.

The due date for the first estimated tax payment which is usually due on April 15th is also extended 90 days and is now due on July 15th.  There has been no mention of the 2nd quarterly estimated tax payment that is usually due on June 15th.

It is our understanding that North Dakota will follow the lead of the IRS however this has also not been confirmed at this time. 

Please call our office or check the “news” section of our website for updates.  We will do our best to pass on new information as it arises.